Why Investment is Important?

Meaning of Investment

An investment is an asset or item acquired with the goal of generating income or appreciation. Appreciation refers to an increase in the value of an asset over time. When an individual purchase a good as an investment, the intent is not to consume the good but rather to use it in the future to create wealth. 

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Types Of Investments

  • Direct equity
  • Equity mutual funds
  • Debt mutual funds
  • National Pension System (NPS)
  • Public Provident Fund (PPF)
  • Bank fixed deposit (FD)
  • Senior Citizens’ Saving Scheme (SCSS)
  • Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana (PMVVY)
  • Real Estate
  • Gold

Reasons to Invest Your Money

In order to create your wealth, you’ll want to take a position your money. Investing allows you to place your money in vehicles that have the potential to earn strong rates of return. 

1. Grow your money

grow your money

Investing your money can allow you to grow it. Most investment vehicles, like stocks, certificates of deposit, or bonds, offer returns on your money over the future . This return allows your money to create , creating wealth over time.

2. Save for retirement

As you’re working, you ought to be saving money for retirement. Put your retirement savings into a portfolio of investments, like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, land , businesses, or precious metals. Then, at retirement age, you’ll live off funds earned from these investments. Based on your personal tolerance of risk, you’ll want to think about being riskier at a younger age together with your investments. Greater risk increases your chances of earning greater wealth. Becoming more conservative together with your investments as you get older are often wise, especially as you near retirement age. 

3. Earn higher returns


In order to grow your money, you need to put it in a place where it can earn a high rate of return. The higher the speed of return, the extra money you’ll earn. Investment vehicles tend to supply the chance to earn higher rates of return than a bank account . Therefore, if you would like the prospect to earn a better return on your money, you’ll got to explore investing your money. 

4. Reach financial goals

Investing can help you reach big financial goals. If your money is earning a better rate of return than a bank account you’ll be earning extra money both over the future and within a faster period. This return on your investments can be used toward major financial goals, such as buying a home, buying a car, starting your own business, or putting your children through college.  

5. Start and expand a business

Investing is an important part of business creation and expansion. Many investors like to support entrepreneurs and contribute to the creation of new jobs and new products. They enjoy the method of making and establishing new businesses and building them into successful entities which will provide them with a robust return on their investment. 

6. Support others

Many investors like investing in people, whether or not they are business owners, artists, or manufacturers. These investors feel good helping others achieve their goals.

7. Reduce taxable income

As an investor, you’ll be ready to reduce your taxable income by investing pre-tax dollars into a old-age pension sort of a 401(k). If you generate a loss from an investment, you’ll be ready to apply that loss against any gains from other investments, which lowers the quantity of your taxable income. 

8. Be part of a new venture

New ventures need the backing of cash and that they look to investors for that backing. Some investors may just like the excitement of investing during a new, cutting-edge product or service or being a part of something sort of a business or film that introduces them to a glamorous world.

9. Beat Inflation

Investing is additionally important to beat inflation. If you don’t invest your money but just leave it in your checking or bank account the cash will decline in purchasing power as inflation will eat away the worth of your money.

While the reported inflation is sort of low nowadays, the particular inflation is sort of high as education and healthcare expenses are increasing much faster than reported inflation. Canadian banks aren’t even paying 2% on your savings deposit which suggests that if you are doing not invest, your money will lose value over time.

Even this 2% return might not sustain for long as other foreign central banks have cut on the brink of 0% or maybe lower. this suggests that you simply could face each day when your bank deposits earn 0% return or maybe negative returns sometime within the future when inflation is taken under consideration .

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