Hostinger Review – Is Hostinger the best Web Hosting in 2021?

If you’re looking to line up an internet site of any niche whether it’s business-based, personal, or maybe portfolio, the one thing that’s a necessity is Hosting. And while we have indulged in the topic of WordPress hostings over and again here on our site, today we will be talking about a specific name that has come across all folks every once during a while. Although there are a lot of options now to get started with your hosting and website, today we wanted to answer the age-old question, Is Hostinger the Best Web Hosting out there?

Hostinger Review

Hostinger, a renowned WordPress hosting service provider is a name that thousands of users have trusted. Considered one among the most cost effective yet the simplest service providers, we wanted to ascertain if it delivered exactly what everyone cares it. So we decided to publish a complete Hostinger Review So that you could decide by yourself to choose Hostinger or not.

Introduction & Overview

Hostinger may be a wildly popular web host that’s made waves within the industry with their low prices and easy-to-use dashboard. But do they live up to the hype? In this Hostinger review, we’re getting to take a particularly close check out Hostinger, our experiences with them, their performance and other notable features.

In general, it’s clear to ascertain that one among the explanations people love Hostinger is that the incontrovertible fact that they’re extremely cost-effective. However, additionally to the present , you furthermore may get another helpful features sort of a custom hosting dashboard and easy-to-use auto-installers for popular software.

We’ll discuss a couple of negatives, as well. But overall, we expect the pros outweigh the cons when it involves Hostinger, especially for casual webmasters with limited budgets. 


Pricing & Plans

Hostinger offers 3 tiers of hosting. All packages offer basic functionalities such as:

  • Access to a script auto-installer and web-based site builder
  • SQL and PHP support with the ability to switch to any version between 5.2 and 7.1
  • FTP access
  • E-mail addresses (amount varies for each tier)
  • PHPMyAdmin access etc.
  • Free SSL

Higher tiers offer larger SSD disk storage space, making them perfect for larger/multiple websites.

All packages also accompany a 30-day money-back guarantee. That way, you’ve got an entire month to guage the service.

Hostinger’s cheapest plan clocks in as low as ₹59 per month once you buy an enormous chunk up front. Or, even you’ll pay ₹199 per month for the Premium Web Hosting which has better features. For that tiny of a commitment, you’ll struggle to seek out anyone cheaper. 

Here is the promotional (first billing) starting price for each Hostinger plan:

A full comparison of each tier can be found on the Hostinger pricing table.

Single Web Hosting

₹59 per month / 10 GB SSD Storage / 100 GB Bandwidth / 1 Website / 1 Email Address / Free SSL Certificate

₹59 per month for one website. Yes, you read that right. Only ₹59 per month. This is far and away the most cost effective hosting plan you’ll find. You might believe that for this amount you’ll get nothing, but you’d be wrong. This plan includes 1 email account, 100 GB bandwidth, 1X processing power and memory, intuitive website builder, robust c-panel, and straightforward to use access manager. 

Premium Shared Hosting

₹119 per month / 20 GB SSD Storage / Unlimited Bandwidth / 100 Websites / Unlimited Email Addresses / Free SSL Certificate

It is only ₹199 per month and contains unlimited websites along with unlimited SSD disk space and unlimited bandwidth. Other features it’s included an internet site builder, 2X WordPress optimized speed, and free domain name – this comes with an annual plan.

Business Shared Hosting

₹259 per month / 100 GB SSD Storage / Unlimited Bandwidth / 100 Websites / Unlimited Email Addresses  / Free SSL Certificate

It comes in at ₹259 per month. Apart from including the same features as the first two plans, this one also includes daily back-ups, deluxe live support, 2X processing power & memory, and free SSL.

While that first-tier plan is cheap, we actually recommend you go up a tier if possible because the Premium Shared Hosting plan offers a ton of upgrades. Starting at just ₹199 per month, it gives you:

  • Multiple websites
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • A free domain name
  • Weekly backups

Plus – all plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you’re not happy, you’re not risking anything.

This isn’t an enormous con because Hostinger actually does better than much of its competition when it involves billing cycles, but you can’t buy one month with Hostinger. 

Hosting Features

All hosting packages accompany access to a cPanel admin center. You can see all the information about your hosting package on one page (Account -> Details) such as nameservers for your domain, email, and FTP details.

Single Web Hosting comes with one MySQL database. The other two packages bump it up to unlimited. It means you’ll install any number of WordPress installations.

I’d recommend one extra installation for live performance testing. Typically during development, you’ll create your website using local server software and later transfer the ultimate product to a live server. A local server on your own computer doesn’t give great insight into how the location will perform when it goes live.

FTP and email access are available to all or any tiers, with Single Hosting allowing just one user/account for every . As with MySQL, stepping up only one hosting tier gives you unlimited users for both FTP and email addresses.

If you would like to urge up and running as quickly as possible, you’ll use the intuitive auto-installer for WordPress (or one among the 40 other Content Management Systems on offer). You also have access to e-commerce software, forums, survey builders, photo and file managers, and more. 


Hostinger’s prices are low. And once you see low prices, it’s easy to think low-quality, right? That’s just how human psychology works…

But despite Hostinger’s rock-bottom prices, we were actually pleasantly surprised by Hostinger’s performance once we ran our test site through some performance tests. It’s certainly not the fastest host we’ve ever tested, but for the price, it should perform well enough for most webmasters.

As with all our hosting reviews, we loaded up on our site Inspiration Towards Business with an Elementor page builder template and GeneratePress Premiem theme to simulate a real site and make it possible to equally compare page load times across multiple tests.

Here’s how Hostinger did…

First, in our Pingdom test it loaded in 5.99s seconds from the Eastern US test server:


Then, we put it through GTmetrix, where it clocked in at 1.9 seconds from the Vancouver, Canada test server:


In both the test Hostinger worked pretty good. Here’s an honest reason Hostinger remains ready to deliver solid page load times…

Despite the low prices, Hostinger remains using all the newest tech. That is, you get features like:

  • PHP 7
  • NGINX caching
  • GZIP Compression
  • HTTP/2

And all those features help explain why Hostinger is able to still offer quick page load times.

Hostinger Uptime

Getting cheap hosting doesn’t mean you’ll have a slow and slow performing website, especially with Hostinger. While it’s true that Hostinger has the most cost effective hosting plans out there their performance remains top-notch. The only small downside is Hostinger’s uptime which may go below 99% despite having an uptime guarantee. For the testing we did, Hostinger did fairly well accumulating only 7 hours of downtime for a 3 months period of your time . The best month had an uptime of 99.92% – not bad at all. 

Installing WordPress

With performance bound to be top-notch, it’s time to urge on to installing WordPress. As mentioned previously, all hosting packages accompany access to an easy and intuitive auto-installer for software including WordPress. 


The auto-installer does the bulk of the work for you, including creating a MySQL database, plus a username and secure password for it. All you would like to enter may be a username, password, and email address for the WordPress Admin instrument panel , plus a title and tagline for the location . WordPress boasts a famous 5-minute install – this takes that right down to 30 seconds.

After clicking the install button, you instantly have a clean install of the newest version of WordPress. 


24/7 Live chat support via Intercom and good response times.

If you ever need help, Hostinger offers 24/7 live chat support that you simply can access from your hosting dashboard. They use Intercom for support, which is awesome. If you’re not familiar, Intercom is a great method for live chat because:

  • It’s not a separate window – you can access it without leaving the regular dashboard.
  • You can click around to other dashboard pages without accidentally closing your chat.
  • It’s easy to access past chat logs at any time.

There’s also an option to pay an extra $7.99 for priority support. But given how briskly we got a response with the regular support, we’d recommend leaving this off to start out .

Aside from the live support, there is also a knowledge base covering pretty much everything issues that could come up.

If you want to learn what WordPress is or just need help getting it set up, you can check out the WordPress introduction tutorial which is part of an extensive tutorial library. If you’re trying to find solutions to common problems or want to find out more about WordPress and web development, you’ll find it there.


So this was complete Hostinger review.

Hostinger delivers on its claim of high-performance web hosting at competition-beating prices. The easy to use admin panel allows you to rise up and running within minutes of buying a package and removes all the effort of fixing databases, usernames, and passwords. The extensive support structure makes it quick and straightforward to diagnose and solve common issues.

If you’re trying to find WordPress hosting specifically, the feature set is ideal and therefore the page load speed is outstanding .

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