Bluehost Review – Is Bluehost The Best Web Hosting in 2021?

If you are looking to set up a website of any niche whether it is business-based, personal, or even portfolio, the one thing that is a necessity is Hosting. And while we’ve indulged within the topic of WordPress hostings over and again here on our site, today we’ll be talking a few specific name that has come across all folks every once during a while. Although there are a lot of options now to get started with your hosting and website, today we wanted to answer the age-old question, Is Bluehost the Best Web Hosting out there?

Bluehost Review

Powering over 2 million websites worldwide, Bluehost is a recognized brand name in bargain web hosting. By doing an outsized volume of business they’re able to offer steep price discounts.

In addition to offering a full range of web hosting services, Bluehost provides marketing training, SEO services, social media marketing, content creation, graphic design services, email, domain names, and local business listings to grow traffic.

Bluehost caters to everyone: from beginning bloggers to established e-commerce and more.

Introduction & Overview

Bluehost is one of the biggest web hosting companies in the world and an official WordPress recommended hosting provider. Bluehost offers a good sort of hosting plans for beginners and for medium to large businesses with 24/7 customer support. See the entire Bluehost review by our experts to seek out out if Bluehost is that the right choice for you.

In this comprehensive Bluehost review, we’ll put their promises to test with a rigorous and thorough analysis using industry-standard benchmarking tools.

Following are the areas we’ll look into:

  • Speed: How fast will your website load with Bluehost? We will test their speed and server response time to assess that.
  • Performance: How does Bluehost perform under traffic spikes? We’ll test that by performing the stress test and see how well it performs under traffic.
  • Reliability: Will your website be available 24/7/365 without any downtime?
  • Customer Support: Can you count on Bluehost’s customer support when you immediately need help with your website?
  • Features: Do they offer all the features that you’ll need to build your website?
  • Pricing: Do they have the best pricing in the industry? Are there any Bluehost deals that can save you money?

This is our complete Bluehost review and we’ll be doing an in-depth analysis of Bluehost’s pros and cons. 


Pricing & Plans

The first thing to notice about Bluehost prices is that they have enormous discounts during the first year. Bear in mind that the renewal costs are much higher and they may put you off.

Bluehost offers a spread of hosting plans for all budgets and sizes. This includes shared hosting, VPS, dedicated server, cloud hosting, WooCommerce hosting, WordPress hosting, and more.

Let’s take a look at Bluehost hosting plans.

Let’s take a glance at what’s included in each plan.

  • Basic: The basic plan only allows you to host one website. It hosts one domain and 25 subdomains, 50GB SSD storage, 5 email accounts of 100 MB storage for each account. For the first term, you’ll pay $7.95 per month. When you renew the account, you’ll have to pay $9.99 per month.
  • Plus: The Plus plan includes unlimited websites with unlimited web space and bandwidth. You’ll also get unlimited email accounts. The price for the first term starts at $8.95 per month. When you renew the account, you’ll have to pay $13.99 per month.
  • Choice Plus: The Prime plan includes all features of the Plus plan. You will also get domain privacy and site backup Pro as extras worth over $80/year. Prime also has the same first term price of Plus, $12.95 per month. When renewing, you’ll have to pay $18.99 per month.
  • Pro The Pro plan starts from $19.95 per month for the first term after that you’ll pay $28.99 per month. It includes all features of the above plans + dedicated IP address.


If you are just starting your website, then you can select any of these plans. You can easily upgrade your hosting plan as your website grows.

All Bluehost hosting plans allow you to install WordPress with 1-click.

Which Bluehost shared hosting package is best?

  • If you want to create only one website, you should buy the basic package.
  • If you plan to host multiple sites, go with the “plus” package.
  • If your needs who. is guard & site backup pro, you should go for the choice plus package. However, I don’t recommend this package as you can configure the WordPress backup using plugins.

My recommendation for most users would be the “plus” package as it offers everything you need and is a complete value for money. (unless you’re a business user in need of the dedicated IP and SSL).

Pros and Cons

All web hosting companies have their pros and cons. Some you’ll accept , and a few you can’t ignore.

Here are the pros and cons of Bluehost that we learned.


First, let’s take a glance at the benefits that make Bluehost the highest choice. 

  • Pricing: Their hosting plans are well within the reach of most users, particularly those who are just starting out.
  • Reliability: They power a large number of websites with minimum downtime.
  • No hidden charges: There are no hidden fees when signing up for your account.
  • Free domain: You get a free domain name for 1 year when you signup.


Bluehost isn’t without some disadvantages that you simply should remember of before signing up. 

  • Higher domain renewal price Their free domain renewal price is higher than average.
  • Upselling Addons: They have an aggressive upsell process during signup. But you can easily uncheck all the addons if you don’t need them.


The most important performance metric that you should look for is speed. It not only affects user experience on your site, but it also affects your WordPress SEO rankings.

For a faster website, you will need to choose a fast web hosting company. Keeping this in mind, we created a test site to ascertain how briskly Bluehost really is.

Our test site was created using WordPress with the default Twenty Twenty theme. We imported dummy content for theme development including images. After that, we used Pingdom to check the web site speed. Here are our test results:

Here are our test results:

As you’ll see, our test site loads in but two seconds. Considering the fact that our website wasn’t using any caching plugins or speed optimization tips, this result is remarkable.

However, the speed test alone isn’t enough because this test site didn’t have great amount of traffic.

To test how Bluehost servers would respond with increased traffic, we used a testing tool called K6 (formerly LoadImpact) to send virtual users (VU) to our test site.

We used it to gradually built up to 100 visitors to ascertain how the server would handle increased requests from multiple connections directly . 

Here is a screenshot of our results.

The Green Line is that the number of active virtual users on the location , and therefore the blue line is that the server load time. As you’ll see the server load remained stable throughout the test even at peak traffic. 

This test indicates that if you’re trying to find a very fast website, then Bluehost are often an ideal fit you. 

It is also important to notice that we didn’t record any downtime during our testing. See the screenshot below for an in depth check out Bluehost server uptime. 

(Performace of BlueHost was Tested by wpbeginner)

Bluehost Server Response Time

When you are testing a live website using tools like Pingdom, you are basically seeing how everything on your website loads. This includes images too, which take much longer to load than plain text.

In order to urge a more accurate server reaction time , we used another tool called Bitcatcha. It allows you to test server response time without loading any data.

As you’ll see Bluehost server within the US performed under the fraction of a second. In other locations, the response was a bit higher but still under less than a second.

If your audience is within the us , then this is able to benefit your website. However, if more of your users come from other parts of the planet , then you’ll change your server location.

Support and Customer Service

We all need help every now and then. It is really important that you simply choose an internet hosting company that gives help and support once you need it.

Bluehost maintains an enormous library of articles, step by step guides, and video tutorials as a part of their extensive knowledge domain . This is an enormous help for beginners and commonest issues are often quickly resolved by an easy search.

However, sometimes you’ll got to ask a private to urge more help.

Bluehost offers a 24/7 support system where you can talk to their customer support representatives using live chat or phone. This is really helpful once you need quick help from technical support staff.

One thing that’s missing is that the ticket based network . Bluehost recently decided to eliminate ticket-based support to specialise in personal approach of live chat and phone-based support.

However, some users may still miss the ticket-based support system which is particularly good if your issue cannot be resolved in one live chat or phone session.


So this was complete BlueHost review.

After reading this review you would possibly be wondering if Bluehost is that the right choice for your website?

Bluehost is usually ranked #1 hosting company by many websites. They offer a good range of hosting plans with plenty of features that assist you easily build your website. All their hosting plans include expert 24/7 customer support from knowledgeable staff. Most importantly, they provide affordable starter plans that fit any budget requirement.

If you’re just starting out, then you can’t fail signing up for a Bluehost shared hosting plan. It’s easy on your pocket and comes with all the proper tools. As your site grows you’ll easily upgrade your hosting plan accordingly. 

Ready to start your website with Bluehost? Click here to select your Bluehost plan.

Bluehost Alternatives

Alright, if you accompany Bluehost, your site is perhaps getting to be OK, a minimum of if your visitors are mainly located in North America.

However, it’s not the most cost effective option out there, and that i think for an equivalent money you’ll recover performing providers that accompany advanced options (e.g. backup or staging areas). 

  • If you are looking for a balanced hosting service (low price and good performance), I’d suggest you check out Hostinger. It is a bit cheaper and performs similarly or better than Bluehost.

Want to know more about Hostinger Hosting. Read complete review about Hostinger by clicking on the link given below.

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