16 best budgeting apps to track expenses and budget

Most people would like to spend less and save more, but the day-to-day reality of labor, family life, and other commitments makes it impractical, if not seemingly impossible. Let’s face it, it’s tough to seek out the time or motivation for budgeting, and a few folks skip it altogether.

For these and lots of other reasons, budgeting apps became increasingly popular over the past decade. This software makes it easier to watch your spending and saving habits by linking accounts to an application and tracking your income . These apps, free or paid, offer a variety of features to enhance your finances.

We reviewed 16 of the simplest and best budgeting apps on the market to seek out the simplest options for brand spanking new or experienced budgeters. We compared cost, functionality, features, security, reviews, and more. These are the simplest options to enhance your budget.

16 Best Budgeting Apps To Track Expenses And Budget

1. ET Markets

If you’re curious about investing within the financial markets and manage your investments properly, ET Markets would be very helpful to you. It acts as your one-stop destination for tracking your investments in various instruments.

The app offers stock exchange updates, business, and market news, share market tips for free of charge , live charts and share prices, advanced technical charting, and far more.

App features

  • Available in eight Indian languages
  • In-depth market coverage
  • “My Scrips” helps in following favorite investment instruments
  • Interactive technical charting tools
  • Analysis, expert views, and skill to participate in discussions through comments
  • Share favorite market events and news through SMS, email, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Facebook,
  • Smart voice look for discovering information

2. Money Manager

The Money Manager is financial planning, expense tracking, and asset management app which will be used on both iOS and Android devices. It makes the management of your finances simple and straightforward .

You can record your personal also as business financial transactions, review financial data on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, and manage your assets using the budget planner and spending tracker.

App features

  • Double-entry bookkeeping system
  • Budget and expenses management
  • Credit/Debit card management
  • Instant statistics
  • Bookmark function
  • Backup/Restore

3. Mint

Mint, a free financial tracker and money manager app, offers a group of monetary tools, including TurboTax, QuickBooks, and ProConnect. It helps you simplify life and save extra money .

The app brings all of your bank accounts, bills, credit cards, and investments together on the dashboard in order that you’ll easily know on where you substitute terms of paying and saving money. you’ll also track your bills and your credit score.

App features

  • View everything in one place
  • Manage bills and money together
  • Budget better and avoid late fees
  • Syncs with Mint’s web app

4. Monefy

Monefy is a superb Budget Manager and Expense Tracker app, a solid choice if you would like to urge on top of your finances. The interface is appealing and straightforward to the attention , and therefore the focus of this app is that the convenience and speed of adding new records of expenditure. Spending is displayed from the records list or on a chart. Further features include passcode protection, a built-in calculator, currency selection, synchronization using Dropbox, lock screen widgets. there’s also a budget model and straightforward backup and export of knowledge . Users can manage categories like Bills, Car, Entertainment, Eating Out, Clothes, Gifts, houses, Pets, and more.

The app also supports multiple accounts. It’s a free app but the professional version of Monefy has no restrictions or ads.

5. Expense Manager

Expense manager is one of the foremost popular money management apps available within the market that allows you to take your income/expense to detail quickly and simply. it’s an easy but advantageous expense tracker/ budget app to manage your financial costs. Moreover, the app also allows you to see your money in several periods, like the month, week, or days. So you’ll carry all of your expenses intimately without miss anything through an easy interface provided by the app that exposes a full cost book.

App features

  • Backup and Sync
  • Connect to PC through Network
  • Convenient tools
  • Easy to customize
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Helpful widgets
  • PIN protection
  • No registration or internet access required

6. Goodbudget

The money manager and expense tracker app Goodbudget is extremely useful as a home budget planner. The app works within the same way because the envelope system of your grandmother.

The proactive budget planner, which makes real-time tracking easy, helps you to manage your bill payments and finances in an organized manner.

The app are often synced across the online and Android, iOS devices, and shared with the budgeting partners. This helps everyone to stay on an equivalent page with reference to the budget. Subscri9bers get access to additional features

App features

  • Recommended by Google, The NY Times, LifetimeTV, Forbes, and more
  • Ranked #3 across finance apps for in quality
  • Syncing possible across the online and multiple devices
  • Insightful reports
  • Ad-free
  • The free version comes with 10 regular and 10 annual envelopes

7. MoneyWise

Another best free money app that allows you to records all of your expenses every day . With its user-friendly interface, you’ll see your spending by day, week, or month. you’ll even analyze a graph to work out how you spend your money most. you’ll see the figures of your income and make budgets to observe spending and manage your income well. The app even allows you to export the knowledge in HTML or Excel for print or save.

8. Wallet

The Wallet may be a financial planner and it helps you prolong a budget also as track spending. this suggests that you simply can stay on top of things and achieve all of your financial goals. You don’t need notebooks or spreadsheets any more .

You can easily track your finances in real-time using this app. The Wallet isn’t an easy expense tracker, it helps you to form informed decisions and plan your finances for the longer term .

App features

  • Automatic/manual Bank Updates
  • Flexible budgeting
  • Insightful reports
  • Sharing selected accounts
  • Loyalty and reward cards
  • Other features include multiple currency support, receipt/warranty tracking, automatic cloud sync, and far more

9. Spending Tracker

Spending Tracker a straight-forward thanks to manage your expenses and track spending. it’s many of an equivalent features as other money manager apps, including flexible periods, summary view, quick logging of expenditures and income, reports, categories, a widget, and multiple account support so you’ll separate business, personal money, and savings. There are another nice touches, too, including a singular layout designed for tablets, and money-saving and tips counting on your location.

You can set a hard and fast amount for your budget per week or month, and therefore the app allows you to hold over anything remaining. It’s liberal to download, although an in-app purchase is important if you would like to sync your information to further Android devices.

10. Walnut

If you’re trying to find a money management app which will assist you to trace your expenses automatically and securely, then you don’t need to look beyond Walnut.

It makes it easy for you to remain within your budget, pay off your bills on time, and also save extra money monthly . Using the app, you’ll easily skills much you’re spending on food, groceries, shopping, etc. and the way much you’re saving monthly .

However, the iOS version of this app won’t support the expenses tracking function.

App features

  • Instant personal loans with affordable EMIs
  • Control on your expenses and more savings
  • Track MasterCard dues
  • Money transfer using BHIM UPI
  • Find ATMs near you in real-time
  • Know all expenses at a look
  • Export data and generate reports
  • Supports 50+ Indian banks and cards

11. Expensify

Expensify may be a professional, free money app that shines its ability to supply detailed reports. it’s an answer designed for business people and for those that wish to stay an accurate record of all expenses and bills comfortably. It comes with a document scanner called SmartScan technology that lets users quickly capture the bills receipt and accompany with the entry.

Users can combine personal expenses with corporate expenses to present bills and recover costs. With Expensify, it’s easy to credit cards or bank accounts and track payments.

12. Prism

Start using the Prism app and avoid missing bills and paying late fees. The free finance app automatically tracks your bills and alerts you.

You can view your income, account balances, expenses, and spending right the go. NerdWallet chose Prism because the best app for bill tracking and payment in 2018.

App features

  • Over 11,000 billers, quite most other apps
  • Automatic bill tracking
  • Free same-day bill payment
  • Bill reminders and payment alerts
  • Easy-to-understand graphs
  • Bill payment history

13. Money Lover

We cannot leave this Expense Manager & Budget Tracker off our list, as it is among the editor’s choices in the play store. It’s a powerful and well-designed app that includes trends visualization to keep an eye on income and expense, financial reports, budget monitoring, and spending projection, customizable categories, and icon customization. It’s a pleasure to use the app and manage your money (either cash or bank accounts) will seem like less of a chore.

The app supports data backup via Dropbox or email, and Dash-clock extension and in-app purchases will enable you to upgrade to the Premium version for no ads, exporting to CSV or Excel sheet, unlimited wallets, and events, and more.

14. You Need A Budget (YNAB)

If you would like to interrupt the cycle of living from paycheck to paycheck, get obviate debt, and economize , YNAB could be of great help to you.

According to YNAB, new app users, on the average , save the maximum amount as $600 during the primary two months and approximately $6,000 during the primary year. you’ll try the app for 34 days for free of charge .

App features

  • Bank syncing
  • Connect to all accounts from your mobile
  • Transaction matching
  • Goal tracking
  • Detailed, visual trend and spending reports

15. Goodbudget

Goodbudget may be a personal finance manager app that updates the normal system of using envelopes for various bills. The app has been downloaded quite 3 million times and may sync across Android devices also because the web and iOS devices. you’ll schedule transactions with virtual envelope fills, save with annual envelopes, set goals, check balances, and make secure transfers. The app also features a location-based widget also as reports which will assist you to research your spending and monitor income .

It’s free, but in-app purchases will add even more options. for instance, you’ll be ready to sync to more devices and have a vast amount of accounts and envelopes, also a 5-year transaction history.

16. Spendee

Spendee may be a great app for tracking income and expense manually or automatically by syncing it together with your bank accounts. you’ll create a budget and organize and analyze your spending.

Further, you’ll invite relations with whom you share household budgets. additionally , the app allows you to manage your money in multiple bank accounts in multiple currencies.

App features

  • Manage all of your money at one point
  • Secure reference to bank accounts
  • Manual addition of money expenses
  • Bill tracker


As you undergo the concise information provided about a number of the simplest finance apps out there, you’ll be ready to choose one that most closely fits your needs. Sometimes, it’s going to not be possible to make a decision quickly. All that you simply need to do is research a touch more about the apps that catch your attention then make an informed decision. Alternatively, you’ll try a couple of of those apps then decide which is best for you.

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